About Us


As a commutiCrash Die'tng skater, who traveled 50 miles to and from derby practice, I spent a lot of time in a car with several of my skating sisters. These tight quarter commutes provided all of us with opportunities to discuss the latest in derby strategy, upcoming trips, relationships, jobs, children, and so on and so on. No matter the variety of topics we covered on each trip, we always seemed to make our way to the subject of derby crushes.

Crash with #1 derbyCRUSH, Method of Madness

Crash with #1 derbyCRUSH, Method of Madness

That’s right…DERBY CRUSHES…my first derby crush, my local derby crush, my long-distance derby crush, my “I can’t believe I had a derby crush on her” crush, my current derby crush, and my derby crush that is really just more of a regular ol’ crush! 😉 Yep, there was a lot of crush conversation on those dark drives up north. It is those conversations that inspired me to reach out to the rest of the derby community and challenge them to wear their heart on their sleeve, to make their crushes known, to loudly and proudly support those who inspired them to become a derby skater or a derby fan.

And so it was born – derbyCRUSH – roller derby inspired apparel and accessories for derby athletes and the fans who love them.

So, who did you fall in LOVE AT FIRST BOUT with? Who is your derbyCRUSH?